Last Updated:8/3/18
  • (RULE #1)
    There are enough asshats in the world. This server is no place for asshats. Please remove your asshat before joining this server. Feel free to be an asshat anywhere else, just not here. Please be respectful of other players, do not troll, do not escalate situations, and remember that we’re all human beings with our own troubles in life. This is a place to get away from that. You might be right, they might be right. It doesn’t matter. Just move on, and play the game. Agression toward admins or other players is entirely prohibited. This rule is very important.

  • Avoid the use of extreme foul language, racial/sexual/gender/what ever slurs in public chats.  While this sort of thing doesn’t offend or affect everyone, there are people who are sensitive and there may be kids online.   That being said, the admins are not the language or morality police.  We may get involved in extreme cases, or situations we deem, but swearing is not strictly prohibited.  Just the extreme stuff.  If you have to ask if its extreme, refrain.  If you are asking by an admin, or another player to watch your language, please don’t be offended.  Just be respectful.
  • NO dragging other players under any circumstances. Also, please do not bind, lock, pick up, or otherwise impede other players in any way. Unless it’s consensual. No luring dinos,or dropping into others bases with bad intent. This is grounds for immediate dismissal.
  • DO NOT block rare spawn resources, crates, caves, water passages, or any other thing that should not be blocked.
  • In regards to harvesting structures , such as oil pumps where you are consuming a map resource, you are allowed 1 of these per tribe or player.  It would be extra special nice if additionally kept it unlocked for others to use.  It will be allowed for a single tribe to have more than one pump if they are in entirely different regions, (one each) and they are unlocked for others to use.
  • Before building, please scout around and make sure you aren’t encroaching on other people’s areas. Noone likes their area being encroached. It’s a huge map, plenty of place to build on. That said, please do not wall off open space for no reason. If the area is in use, or has immediate plans its fine, but be prepared to explain if you wall off open unused space.
  • Rules regarding bases and building:
    • Ragnarok:
      • You are allowed one base and one outpost only.  Your base should not exceed size needed for your tribe.  ie, do not wall off open unused space.  Your outpost should fit inside of 12 behemoth gates maximum.  You are also allowed a single water pen, the size dictated by your needs.
      • You are not allowed to build anywhere except in these three places.  This includes traps.  Traps must be approved by admins and maintained by the builder.
    • Aberration
      • You are allowed only one base on this map due to it’s small size and level of popularity.  Same rule applies to the size, you are only allowed to take as much space as you need for your tribe size and needs.
      • You are only allowed to build within your own base walls.  Any traps in the open must be approved by the admins and maintained by the builder.
  • No pillaring.   You are only allowed to build within your own space, and there is no “reserving” space.
  • Admins are not responsible for replacing your stuff (dinos, gear, weapons, etc). The game is buggy, this is no secret. Play at your own risk.
  • DO NOT place turrets , or any other sort of automated defenses outside of your own walls ever. Nothing worse than chasing a tame, only for some asshat’s (see above) turret to kill your prey.
  • IF you build a trap somewhere in the world, please make sure to leave it unlocked and open to the public. IF the trap has a remote keypad, post a sign with the code for use. This includes traps outside your base.
  • If you build around a spawn point, and people can potentially get trapped in your base, you must allow for an exit point of some kind.
  • IF you use a offensive, name or guild name, you will be asked to change it. Even if it is only perceived to be offensive, it will be asked to be changed. Please try to keep things proper as to not make people uncomfortable.
  • If you log out for an extended period of time, you must log in periodically to reset your base and dino timers.  Dinos remain yours for 16 days, then will be claimable by other players.  Likewise on your structures.  Structures have different timers for wood/rock/metal/tek with wood being the least amount of time (7 days) , and Tek (15 days).   If your timers are up, your base will be marked for destruction, and likely will be raided by other players.  It is your responsibility to reset these timers.
  • Tamed dinos are only allowed within your own gates.  If you leave a dino outside of your gates, wandering or not, it may be destroyed by an admin.  Please do not leave dinos outside of base walls.
  • We now have multiple servers in a cluster.  Currently the Rag server is the main server and is the only one that should be considered permanent.  There may come a day when the resources of any other server spun off the cluster need to be used elsewhere.  There will be plenty of notice given.
  • DO have fun, and lets have a great community.
  • DO join the discord, this is for your benefit.  This is where changes get communicated, it’s where we discuss things.  It’s where people will try to contact you.  It’s also where we claim waifu’s , play pokemon, and generally have fun outside the game.
Catch All Rules:
  • Any rules not yet posted that I haven’t thought about yet.
  • IF there are any questions about these, please see rule #1