Current Server List

Here is the current status for each server in the cluster:

Aberration Server (Please VOTE)
Ragnarok Server (Please Vote)
The Island Server (Please Vote)

You can add these to your favorites by going into steam and selecting View at the top, then servers and click the favorites tab. You can click the add button and add the server info and it will appear in game under favorites.

All of the servers are clustered, and you can get to any of the servers from any of the others.

If you like the servers, please click the please vote links above and vote up and give a nice comment!



tldr; link is  steam://connect/

I went with a slimmed down subset of our Ragnarok mod list for this server for many reasons, so far its working well for us.

Here are a list of those mods.  The settings are relatively the same as what is listed in the settings page.  Make sure if you’re new that you join the discord chat.  That link is at the top of the page.  This way you can be in the know and bug me if the server is down.  Also, if you get bored of Aberration, we have a Ragnarok and SE server for you also, all clustered.

StackMeMore (MOVED) (680481868)
ACM V2.7.1294 (558079412)
Super Spyglass (793605978)
Kibble Matrix (902290346)
Dino Aid (750483861)
Baby Premium Care (876038468)
Death Recovery Mod (v1.7.3) (751991809)
Tek Mortar (908038212)
TLA Gear (814820453)
Death Helper (566885854)
Stackable Foundations (760884349)
Structures Plus (S+) (731604991)
Dino Stat Reset Potion (835065275)
Dino Tracker (924933745)

Cluster details

I have spun off an SE server into a cluster with the main Rag server.  This was a test in preparation for Aberration, so that I understood how clusters worked and whatnot before actual release.

I plan to try to keep SE up along with Aberration when it releases.


That said, be aware, any server I spin off into this cluster should be considered long term temporary.  Resources may be needed elsewhere at some point in the future.  There will be plenty of warning regarding this.


Additionally, we changed some rules regarding building of structures.  Please review the rules page.


Major change under the hood

So, back when I moved to google cloud, I had the server running on windows 10. When I moved back to this hardware I decided to install a new ssd along with a new install of Windows Server. When I moved to this newly installed system, there seemed to be an unnatural amount of lag. Not sure exactly what was causing it, but today I put that old SSD back in with Windows 10 and copied over the server and world files and fired it up.

It’s running like it was before the move to google cloud now.

This could be a driver issue, or the fact that windows server includes a ton of other services that I don’t ever intend to actually use. Not sure exactly what was causing the slowness, but it seems to have been resolved.

Time will tell, but this issue was noticeable almost right away, and I have not yet experienced it myself.

Server IP Change coming


I have had the server running on google cloud services for the past month in an attempt to have better redundancy.  While that redundancy was nice, the server performance isn’t what it used to be.  That said, I am moving the server back to the original dedicated host where we get better performance, but  lack internet and power redundancy.

What this means to you:
The link to the new server will be:
steam://connect/ark.cybernut.ws:37025 (preferred)

Lag should be better

If there is an extended power or internet outage, I will spin up the google cloud server and host from there as needed in the event of an emergency.


I will leave donations open, as I intend to purchase a better server in the near future.  The more donations, the faster this will happen.  I am saving my pennies for now, but can use help.

If all else fails, join the discord and contact me there.

Premium Kibble Recipe

Recipe for premium kibble using the kibble matrix:
Ankylo Kibble > Carno
Carbonemys Kibble > Bronto
Dilo Kibble > Pachy
Dimetrodon Kibble > Galli
Dimorph Kibble > Megaloceros
Dodo Kibble > Ptera
Gallimimus Kibble > Terror Bird
Lystrosaurus Kibble > Diplo
Pachy Kibble > Parasaur Parasaur
Kibble > Raptor
Pteranodon Kibble > Turtle
Raptor Kibble > Mammoth
Stego Kibble > Argent
Terror Kibble > Rhino
Trike Kibble > Sarco

(Courtesy of Ford: Screenshot and Cree:Transcription)