Many people have asked how they can donate to the cause.

This server is not hosted using an ARK hosting service.  This was done for may different reasons, one of them being to keep lag under control, and to be able to manage my own server from the operating system to the ARK server software.

All that said, the server we are currently running is old.  It’s decent, but old, and at it’s upgrade limits.  That said, it is time to consider new hardware and I am unable to fund the hardware myself.

This is where you come in.

As part of donating, you will receive appreciation in the form of the Discord chat bot currency.  I will be putting rare and high end items on the bot store so you can choose what ever items suit your needs.  Your name will also appear on this list in the order of your donation amount.  If you don’t want your name listed, please make sure to state that in the comments of your donation.

For the time being, the ratio will be 100 flowers to $1.

You can donate >here< if you like.



Previous donors:

  • Kevin @anakr0n
  • Samedii
  • weedo
  • Bjorn & Ainokea (Ironside Tribe)
  • Khae, Wilson – (Plebiasaurus)
  • Bronson
  • mrpluvid – al khalil
  • Fawn
  • TR-8R/Nick Van Owen

Donations used for so far:

  • 16gb RAM upgrade (old server)
  • UPS Battery Backup
  • HP DL380 Server dual xeon cpu 72gb ram
  • Hard drive upgrades