Many people have asked how they can donate to ongoing upkeep and running of the server.

This server is not hosted using an ARK hosting service.  This was done for may different reasons, one of them being to keep lag under control, and to be able to manage my own server hardware from the operating system to the ARK server software.

As part of donating, you will receive appreciation in the form of the Discord chat bot currency.  (.shop command in Discord)

Currently some of the items you can buy right now include armor, skins, premium kibble, etc and the list is growing.  For the time being, the ratio will be 100 flowers to $1.

Donors who give over $25 will be be given the donor role and stand out in the community as a contributor with a chat color.

You can donate >here< if you like.  PLEASE include your discord name in the comment, or send me a DM with the name from paypal so that you may be rewarded.

Funds are used only for running the server, upgrades, etc.