Server Settings

Last Updated:2/24/18


  • CyberNut (Server Owner)
  • FeistyD
  • Niz
  • Bronson
  • Desirae
  • BosscrazyJ
  • ❤ ᒪᗩYᒪOᒪI ❤
  • RickTheSlayer
  • ++GHOST++
  • Lithium
  • Sir Belymus


Cluster Maps:


50x Taming Speed
25x Gather
10x Experience


Level Information:
Max Player Level: 1000
Max Player Experience: 680,435,072
Max Wild Dino Level: 150
All Engrams Learnable!

0.5x Food Drain (Humans)
0.5x Water Drain
2.0x Food Drain (Dinos)
15x Regeneration Multiplier (Humans and Dinos)
50x Dino Mating Speed
200x Egg Hatching Speed
20x Baby Dino Maturation Speed
0.14x Mating Interval Speed
1.5x Nighttime Speed
5x Dino weight per level.
4x Number of structures on a platform saddle or raft.

Building in caves is enabled.  (Please do NOT block resources or POI’s)
Flying in caves is enabled.
Picking up wild dinos is disabled. (too many asshats)
Diseases disabled.
All containers lockable.
Feedable Titanosaurs.

S+ Water intake can be placed anywhere <—–